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Watering, weeding, pruning

Most of July was spent keeping up with the profuse foliage and blooming. I watered almost every day, weeded, and pruned. I took lots of photos, but with guests here at various points, as well as an unplanned digestive illness (!!), and some violent storms involving power outages and broken tree limbs, I didn't upload during July. I'm uploading most of the July photos as part of August.

I experienced, and continue to experience deep joy and peace, the moment I step out to tend the gardens. They are so strong and fragile at the same time. I identify.


Daylilies - mostly Stella D'Oro, and a few other varieties, revealed their cheery faces in July. There are a lot of the Stellas in the front, and I was deadheading the spent blooms daily.

Lilies - various

Bright yellow, deep orange, and pale coral blush colored liles appeared in various locations on the property, and just within the last week - a few Stargazers which I unknowingly transplanted last month. I've got photos of the yellow ones, and the Stargazers. The others - photos next year!