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Cornhusk Wreath

I made the cornhusk wreath featured on the Martha Stewart show last November. The steps involve dyeing the cornhusks (you can buy tamale cornhusks in your local grocery store), then separating them into strips while they are still damp, and pinning them to a straw wreath. Finish it with a thick satin ribbon. I chose apple green dye, so I can have it on the front door year-round.

Closeup of the ribbon:
I'm so happy with the results. To make your own, here is a link to the directions.


  1. You are becoming a creative person. Never even thought of making it from cornleaves. It looks gorgeous.
    Have a nice day

  2. I like your wreath, it's really lovely! I'll have to remember this come corn season...

  3. That is beautiful! And it looks as if it will last a long time. I like the white ribbon on the green...very pretty.

  4. You did good Sherry, Martha would be so proud! It looks lovely.

  5. Your wreath turned out really nicely, Sherry! I love the fresh green color; perfect for spring.

  6. I absolutely love the green with the white ribbon, Sherry. It seems like that sure took a lot of patience to finish so well!
    Good job!

  7. Your wreath looks nice & neat. Like it!

  8. What a beautiful wreath. I hope you have Bluebirds in your new boxes by now.

  9. Sherry,
    dropping by my pals to see how they are blog has suffered terribly from my neglect, but started to miss my pals.
    I hope you are well and that you blog again soon!


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