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Early Spring

These crocuses are our first blooms of spring. They are in the front border and they are the Pickwick variety. Such joy at seeing their cheery, strong striped petals after the long brutal winter. Realized that these are "our crocuses",  for the first time I was not admiring someone else's in a city garden. Such a joy!

Along with the crocuses, Scilla Siberica and Glory of the Snow appeared in semi-circles around Bartholomew and Hickory, the large Burr Oak and Shagbark Hickory (we've named most of our large trees) on either side of the front yard. 


  1. Hello Sherry,
    Your crocus and scilla looks more beautiful in the garden. When mine are out of flowers I plant them in my garden. Hope they will survey there.
    gr. Marijke


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