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The Shade Garden

Here is a more recent picture of the shade garden - full of ephemerals! Virginia Bluebells, Snow Trillium, and others.

The Shade Garden is the name we are giving to a triangular area set off by stones in the backyard. Bordering it on all sides (and some grow within it) are tall Pin Oaks. The shade there is intense in the summer, and when we moved in last August, almost nothing was growing there - just mud. Now it is early Spring, and of course the leaves are not yet appearing on the Pin Oaks, so the area is getting lots of sun. Appearing there now are a few Hellebores, a number of pretty ground covers, and some plants I have not yet identified. I was planning to plant Bleeding Hearts and Astilbe there, but we'll need to watch and wait a bit to see if anything else comes up - I don't want to crowd the current residents.


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Busy Bees

We took a walk through the conservation land behind the house, and found that while we were taking a respite, others were very hard at work harvesting pollen from the Prairie Asters:

Such a beautiful office to work in:

Last summer's Hollyhocks

Here are some photos of last summer's (2014's) Hollyhocks. They are the same that were photographed in 2013, but they bloomed even more profusely last summer. In the grip of winter, photos of flowers like these seem like miracles.


Cottage garden flowers are so delightful, and I've been wanting to add more and more. I planted some Hollyhocks from seed on the east and west sides of the house last Spring. The West side hollyhocks were "double" Hollyhocks, and the East side are the traditional ones. The West side gets much more intense sunlight so the double ones really grew strong, and so much more beautiful than I could have imagined. They are still blooming profusely. They look like crepe ballgowns for fairies. The seed package showed shades of pink - ranging from white to dark red. The two colors that bloomed were a bubblegum pink and a fuscia.

Just as I thought the bubblegum pink ones couldn't get any prettier, the centers became yellower as the summer went on.