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Casa Blanca Lilies

They've arrived! More beautiful and spectacular than I remembered. The other day, it was very hot and humid, and their sweet vanilla scent permeated the entire backyard. So beautiful. I've just repainted my bathroom - a very pale green - "white willow" Behr paint - and I'm going to print out a few of these and frame them for the bathroom. Enjoy! Wish I could post the scent.

When we arrived for the final walkthrough before the closing last August, I noticed them in the rock garden in the back. It is so hard to choose, but I think that Casa Blanca lilies could be the prettiest flower there is. Their perfume, shape, everything, is absolutely spell-binding. I am so happy they are here. I've put my iron butterflies around them to protect, and will use them to stake up if needed. They are growing stems and leaves now, and I anticipate their pure white, magical summer arrival.


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Spring Bride Duet

For a wedding gift to me, my husband bought me the Spring Bride Duet - a combination of Cosmopolitan Darwin Hybrid tulips and Stainless Daffodils. We planted them in the fall of 2015, and they have faithfully come up each year. I thought the daffodils and tulips were a good combination for us in case the deer ate the tulips, the daffodils would still be standing. Also, tulips can fade over time but daffodils multiply. So far, both have come up faithfully, and beautifully, each year, and the deer have left them alone. I would buy Darwin Hybrids again - they have really strong stems and huge flowers! The Cospmopolitans color changes over the time they are up. They come up a pale peach/pink, and then slowly shift to a brighter pinkish/red.

Busy Bees

We took a walk through the conservation land behind the house, and found that while we were taking a respite, others were very hard at work harvesting pollen from the Prairie Asters:

Such a beautiful office to work in:

Moondance Roses

Two are blooming so beautifully right now. They captivated me for an afternoon, taking pictures of them from all angles.

The Russian Sage is framing them so nicely, and doesn't seem to interfere with their growth, it seems to almost protect them.