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Morning Glory Monster

The morning glories were so pretty when we moved in a year ago - one of the first sets of blooms to greet us in the new home. They climbed a system of several trellises set up by the previous owner, and peeked into the living room window each morning. This year, things are different. They have taken over the side of the house, probably due to the extremely wet summer. They are now what I am calling the Morning Glory Monster:

This is what I actually see when I look at it:

A couple of weeks ago the entire monster came down - not all the way - about 45 degrees. Steve staked it up with some metal pipes. We'll keep it up until the frost, at which point we'll need to cut it way back, and re-do the trellis system in the spring. I still love them and the beautiful blooms. Just everything in moderation. And now, instead of a few just peeking in the window, they are closing us in!


  1. Trzeba go faktycznie poskromić, bo na zbyt wiele sobie pozwala .Drugie zdjęcie z dodatkowymi rysunkami -śmieszne. Pozdrawiam

  2. Hi Giga, I used Google translator, which translated to:

    It must be really tame, because too much of yourself you. The second picture with extra-funny drawings. Yours

    I know the translator is not perfect. You are right, perhaps the monster really is quite tame. I hope the picture made you laugh.

  3. I love the depiction of the monster in the second photo:) It reminds me of some 'Heavenly Blue' my best friend planted a few years ago. By the end of the summer it had practically taken over her garden. But, oh, those gorgeous blue blooms! Everyone wanted to know what it was.

  4. I wasn't familiar with "Heavenly Blue" but just looked at some pics of it, and wow, it is beautiful. Such a deep blue. It would be great to add that and some pinks to the purple.

  5. That is huge! The one I have is barely one foot tall.

  6. Next year, you will have to pull most of those little volunteers that come up. 3 or 4 make a lovely trellis, but allowing them to take over, makes a funny faced monster!

  7. Absolutely, I'll need to really tame the monster!


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