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Patience in the Snow

A steady snowfall today. Big fluffy flakes, falling every which way. Hypnotizing, spellbinding, calming, the perfect balance between stillness and movement. I went out to take some pictures, and mostly saw places of waiting and moments of patience. Winter is imbued with the qualities of patience, endurance, and introspection.

Here are the birdfeeders waiting patiently for the birds to return. The birds are in the branches right now, head under wing, waiting out the storm. The feeders keep their food dry, knowing the birds will fly directly to it as soon as the snow lets up. I look at the feeders, and see the birds flitting about them, pushing each other away, chirping, dropping hulls.

Our log bench swing waits patiently for our return in the spring. We Lightly swing on it as we discuss what's for dinner, or the next lawn project. My favorite moment so far on it was looking up at twilight and seeing a Great Horned Owl softly land on one of the oak branches above.
As I was walking around, I surprised a large rabbit. He darted out from the prairie grass he was hiding in, and ran to the woods in back. He waits patiently in the grasses and rocks for the snow to stop, and spring to come. Here is one of his tracks. 

After identifying the Redleaf Rose by the shed, I intended to make tea from the hips. I never did, and they still sit squarely on the branches, holding all their vitamin C inside. They wait for spring, when pretty pink blossoms will gently push them off, and the birds will find a tasty snack to fuel their nest-building.

 The Panacle Hydrangea's rosy petals have become amber, and they hold the snowflakes up like spun sugar. They are sweet and delicate in every season.

Finally, the birdhouse looks like it's listening and watching for new spring tenants! Patience and endurance always pays off, and I know he will be full of eggs and baby birds come spring.


  1. We have to be patient till spring arrives.
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. Winter, and introspection - great insight. Lovely, and peaceful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ciao Sherry..........MAGIC...truly magic your wonderful garden in the winter; all the white fluffy snow....!!!!

    Oh, your fantastic little birdhouses are too cute and probably are a real paradise for your feathered hungry little friends! I love these little hanging cottages full of delicious birdfood!!!!!!!

    A beautiful garden is beautiful even under a snowblanket!
    What a gorgeous wooden chair!!
    I do love indeed the colors of your bushes...!!


    ciao ciao elvira

  4. Thank you so much Marijke, Claudia, and Elvira!

  5. Hi Sherry,
    Thank you for being a new follower to my blog. I am glad to have found your blog. I sure enjoyed your writing as well as your photographs. I am not as creative in getting my words out. I am also longing for spring to be here.


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