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Redleaf Rose

I stayed up until 1am last night trying to identify it, and got it. Redleaf Rose, also called Rosa Glauca or Rosa Rubrifolia. Here is the wiki: The flowers in the pictures of it were exactly like the flowers I saw in the spring, and I can see why I did not know it was a rose - the shape of the flowers is more like a small daisy. I'm so glad it's named, and thank you Sissy and Robin for your help. 

Now that I have rose hips, I'm going to have to try to at least make tea. I'm reading that I should pick them after the first frost. 


I'm trying to identify this shrub - one of the many beautiful plants inherited with the house. Some notes:
- Parts of it were 5-6 feet tall last spring. We pruned it to about 3-4 feet, which is where it is now.
- Has small thorns.
- Flowers in spring were beautiful. They were pink and white. I did not take pictures of them.
- Berries are orange, pictures below. They are oval-shaped and have hips.
- Leaves are a dusty green, with hints of purple in them.
- It's a graceful, delicate shrub.

Thanks for any help!

Closeups of the berries:


  1. oh, gosh, I think that is a rose. I can see the leaves and they are definitely rose leaves...!
    I see the photo from yesterday and thought the berries were round. The orange berries are "hips", which are the fruit of the rose.
    What a relief it is not an invasive monster!?!
    It's a beautiful rose!
    Small thorns are a bonus!

  2. Those are certainly rose hips! Next spring, make sure you take pix of the flowers. Watch out for those Malva Zebrina, they spread like wildfire! My camera is a high end point and shoot, a Canon Powershot. My nephew the photographer recommended it, so I knew it had to be good! My closeups are taken with the macro setting.

  3. Thank you, Sissy, for the info! I think you are both right on the rose, but what kind? It doesn't behave like a typical shrub rose. And not all roses have these hips, correct? Please forgive my rose ignorance. The blooms were very pretty, but quite flat, not dimensional like a typical rose.

    Thank you, Robin, for the info on your camera! Maybe I'll ask for it for Christmas.


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