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Mary's Toad Lilies

All summer the rock garden was full of Lily stalks that didn't bloom. I knew they were some kind of Lily due to the leaf structure. There must be 30-40 stalks. I've looked at them carefully numerous times, and last time I examined them I thought maybe Cala lilies, that would bloom later in the summer. Didn't happen. I saw some budding on them a few weeks ago, and then forgot about them being so busy the last few weeks. It's been raining all day here, and I saw that the bird feeder we had wedged between some of the rocks in the rock garden fell. It's not a permanent solution, and it fell once before. We're going to have cement it or use a base pole to secure it for Spring. I went out to pick it up, and was greeted by lots and lots of blooming Toad Lilies! What a surprise. These inherited gardens keep constantly surprising me. I've been through a full year's cycle now, and thought I'd seen everything. I don't remember these last year at this time. I was either too busy with the move and working, or they didn't bloom. I had intended to plant these in the shade garden at some point. I thought just 5 or 10 would be nice. I now have 30 or 40 blooming amongst the rocks! Such a lovely, abundant, Autumn surprise. My grandmother turned 99 this month. I am calling them "Mary's Toad Lilies" for her. She has had a stroke and cannot fully communicate, but she always took a great joy in nature, and I know she would love these Toad Lilies, and the subtle way their beauty catches you, and holds you in a tiny spell.


  1. Mam też je w swoim ogródku, ale nie o takich żywych barwach. Pozdrawiam

  2. Giga, it's great that you have them as well! Would love to see a photo sometime.

  3. MAGIC indeed, your precious Lilies...!
    They look very exoticly; so very beautiful!!!!!

    I am convinced your sweet grandma loves your sweet idea about the name....!!!!!!

    ciao ciao elvira

  4. These are such lovely fall bloomers! How sweet to name them after your grandmother.

    I often have the same experience, seeing something come up and waiting for it to bloom to know what it is. Except that I'm the one who planted them:)

  5. I often wonder if the current owners of my past garden had as much fun discovering each new thing that came up in the garden!

  6. Robin, I am sure they do. Maybe they have a blog out there somewhere!. Rose, haha! I bet I will be the same way. Elvira, thank you for your note. I feel she knows I think of her often.

  7. What a beautiful plant. It looks like an orchid.
    Lovely pictures.
    Gr. Marijke

  8. So lovely! I am wondering already if they are deer resistant??!

  9. Sissy, I believe they are, but not sure. Deer come out of the woods that borders the property, and they haven't eaten them yet. BUT that could be why I didn't notice them last year.. Marinela, agree!

  10. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    Happy 99th birthday to your grandmother! What a nice surprise to discover that you have so many toad lilies. They are quite magical looking flowers.


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