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Moondance Roses

Two are blooming so beautifully right now. They captivated me for an afternoon, taking pictures of them from all angles.

The Russian Sage is framing them so nicely, and doesn't seem to interfere with their growth, it seems to almost protect them. 


  1. What a beautiful rose. I love the Russian Sage behind it, it really makes the rose stand out.

  2. Wait a minute!!?? How the heck do you get such gorgeous roses without Japanese Beetle damage???They are really tremendous! Like you can see the glow from within. Thanks for sharing this one...

  3. Thank you! I have worked hard on battling the beetles, and have not always won the battle. Right now, I'm trapping them. That is making a big difference. Every week, or every few days if I see lots of beetles, I am also giving the roses a light spray of Sevin. The combination of traps and Sevin seems to work. I also think the beetles may be at the end of their cycle right now, so that's helping too.


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